Military service…

I may start blooging about my military service in the United states army which hopefully start soon within the next two to three months ^_^… any who this is my opinion on my upcoming military experience with hopefully as little death possible…

OMG!!!!!! yes it is all true i am going to the military as soon as i loss 8 to 9 percent of body fat so they would except me as one of the flock… Some people would actually hate the military but for me i would love to go. Well actually i am going as the MOS MP…Military Police… And hopefully they will give me my post wish list and be posted in japan ^_^…

The military in my opinion will be hard on my part cause of my low physical abilities for a 6′ 7” giant of awesomeness… with 335 lbs. of mostly muscle and only a 23 percent body fat and no health problems… My only advantage is my will power and my good mood about finishing military and going to school right after military…

Other than that if i do get a better computer and able to blogg more while in training and if i go to japan as my wish list post then i would update you in my pages shown on the master of wind and steel HAGANEMARU ^_^… see ya ^_^


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