Ok back to the past…With Mutio ^_^

Mutio from one of my favorite anime is the one character i love love love love T_T…

Probably no one has heard of Mutio from Blue Submarine no. 6 but for me I have cause that is my first anime before eureka seven and pokemon.

Mutio is one of the many bueatiful creations by the infamous Dr. Zorndyke, which in my opinion is not really infamous or evil. He was showing the world their evil and sin so he flooded the world over and created paradise for his children( bueatiful powerful and sometimes ugly creatures) but he is a genius.

His number one son is mutio’s love. His name is Verg he is the abusive land shark that beats her and her sisters for mistakes. Later on though I found out he is just a child and crys a lot.

But mutio loves him anyway ^_^ awwww

Anyway her kind heart has even extended to her most hated enemies @_@ humans.

After being saved by a human she did exactly what i wanted her to do with those bueatiful teeth ^_^

Yep she bit the main character. But either way later on she saved him from drowning later on #_# ironic cause he saves her on land and she saves him under water ^_^ love it

Together this is going to be a new series i am working on Called back to the past with my favorite characters so stay tuned for updates ^_^


~ by haganemaru on August 31, 2010.

One Response to “Ok back to the past…With Mutio ^_^”

  1. My goodness this brings back memories… She was the first character I fell in love with the most. Sure she could not talk but her interactions gave her life that most anime characters sometimes lack. >w<

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