The Big E in ANIME…

the picture explains all.

The big E in ANIME is efficacious.

If you don’t know what that word means well…

I means successful in making a desired result out of an inanimate or abstract subject or object.

You maybe wondering why does that picture describe anime in anyway possible. Well it is because to the additional genre’s of romance, ecchi, harem, yuri, shokushu, and many others VIOLENCE rules above them all.

Anime in a sense is not complete without a monster demon(enemy) thing getting cleaved in half.for example i have started watching the anime dance in the vampire bund. blood blood and love all in the same anime. Blood + is  another example of an anime i love.With all the blood there is still love in this killing machine.

So as an efficacious description of ANIME that means anime gives the desired result of our minds to our own pleasure. ^_^ BLAAMM!!!


~ by haganemaru on April 28, 2010.

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