The Big M in ANIME…

The Big M in ANIME…

Ok everyone can see anime is awesome. Well not everyone but that is not the point. This weekend it was crazy i guess i started playing Luna online almost a month ago but never thought you can marry in the game…


i think i should have read what the tutorial told me ^_^

but the M in ANIME shows this.

My otaku friends of the century has shown that they have indeed “married” an otaku just to continue the awesomeness throughout the rest of the generations.

Marriage is the big M. In some animes characters in harems and ecchis don’t really marry but in others they do. Marriage in anime is both in the romance of the real world and the anime world of japan. The greatest thing is for me marrying an otaku so i won’t feel strange and wierd being the only one in my household other than friends to like anime.

Then there is the crazy people who wish they could break the rules of reality and marry a character from their favorite anime. I love those people but unless you are an anime character chances of you marrying the love of your life is so slime cause people from the real world will write your life so you have to continue running after her or him forever until finally they run out of ideas.

the physics of anime is so cruel…

anyway marriage in anime is both a powerful thing and a corrupting idea…

Just wait for the finally the Big E in ANIME


~ by haganemaru on April 26, 2010.

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