The Big I in ANIME…

ok in anime we all see everything by ourselves unless you have of course a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, and or just a friend to watch it with. Other than that you independently watch anime either by internet or buying the episodes at your local anime/manga/media center at your hometown.

So the Big I in ANIME is all about you and only you.

Well so you watch anime your friends like and read the counterpart manga to those anime. But most your super favorite character or anime is all about you and you alone.

For me i like anime with the whole god or goddess(not ah my goddess) think going on. Spice and wolf, ergo proxy, and black god are the recent ones i am working on but the great I in anime is I, Myself, and that person who always looks at me in the shower mirror and that person will not go no matter how hard do i yell at him or her( depending on what gender you are) ^_^


~ by haganemaru on April 20, 2010.

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