The Big N in ANIME…

Anime may have “altogether” impossibly anything that also have nothing at all.

Confusing and maybe you don’t get where I am getting at but this is my explanation of this concept. ^_^

Anime has nothing in the sense that it doesn’t have what people don’t like. People that do hate it either never watched the lucky one that is perfect for them or are hardcore to the point that they are just a bunch of haters. If you love it the second letter of ANIME just doesn’t apply to you or your otaku friends. They are cool in my eyes and hopefully yours cause they have something in common with you in which all humans look for in friends and family to relate and have a good life around them. ^_^ but anyway why would you hate something cause it just does not have anything that others hate about it.

This is the big “N” of ANIME… just need to find the “I” in ANIME now @_@


~ by haganemaru on April 12, 2010.

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