The Big A in ANIME…

As you may wonder anime is a good thing in today’s culture, is it not?

Anime to most people is something like a habit. To some it is a way of life. For me it is almost both. Being a furry otaku i love almost everything about anime like Ookami to Koushinryou( Spice and Wolf).

Now for the big A in ANIME.

The big A in ANIME represents the “altogether”. “Altogether” in this way is how anime is altogether keeping up with today’s personalities and all walks of life. Today for example I watched for the first time Strike Witches. “A” anime on which anime stands on of the both kick butt and cute little girl stand point. For many people their favorite anime has their favorite character in it. Guess how that character was created or based on… yes the personality.

The person-ality is what gives characters their pure awesomeness. Like Inuyasha for example is the personality of a man who can kick butt but still love no matter how bad his past was and how people treat him especially humans. He doesn’t admit he loves kagome but he indefinitely loves her and protects her like man’s best friend.

So as anime the big “A” shows that altogether anime altogether has every walks of life as a good character for everyone.


~ by haganemaru on April 9, 2010.

21 Responses to “The Big A in ANIME…”

  1. great site this is what people need everyone thinks anime is not important but to me it a way of life without i don’t think i can live your cool also i’m an otaku

  2. “”The big A in ANIME represents the “altogether”””

    i agree so much to this phrase your totally right about that anime is just a cartoon that brings people together.

    tony lee

  3. I totally agree with you :’) Anime takes over your life slowly but surely, and you find that in your free time you are doing something related to anime wether it be watching anime or reading manga, or in my case drawing manga 🙂
    It has made me who I am today and I am happy to be a fan of anime xD
    Though my main passions are manga and AMV’s along with Studio Ghibli ❤
    You should visit my blog ^o^ We are having a studio ghibli month starting June 1st !!! we also have some good anime and manga reviews !! We also need some staff, so if you're interested in writing reviews or holding contest or something else pppllleeeaaasaee help xD I can tell you have an amazing skill for writing ❤

    – RiceBunny

  4. lol That’s clever! I LOVE anime too!! What a cool way to say what the “A” in anime is! Now I can go share that with friends :OD

  5. im a anime bloger too come to my site

  6. I Love Anime!! I completely agree with you. Drawing manga/anime styled characters is a true talent. In my blog, I add anime pictures all the time because of the uniquness of the art. Visit my blog some time =)

  7. A bit of shameless advertising here, but if you like Anime we’ve got plenty up for download at

    Mainly Naruto at the moment, but much more soon!

    NarutoShack x

  8. cool.. anime is my way of life.. anime shows a lot of common things in reality. i love anime..

  9. Is anime big, thats kind of an uderstaitement, its been big since 1950s, to be honest i was inspired by osuma tetsuga when i started drawing anime. yet for a while i ahvet seen any good shows, till now, that occult academy is something else.

  10. This was really nice for me to read. It’s not rare to find such fans of anime, but, it’s nice nontheless.

    I to am a fan of anime, not only is it a big form of entertainment in both America and Japan, but it’s loved as something more than just entertainment by many.

  11. i like this post >.<

  12. nice post, keep the good work anime lover.

  13. I’ve got to agree with all that has been said already: nice post. You made a good point that I totally agree with, me being a weathered anime fan myself. My only suggestion would be to have made the post longer; from what you did write it was clear that you felt strongly about the subject and had proof to support your point of view, but the article was so short it was hard to grasp that, let alone be convinced, before it was over.

    All in all though, I liked your explanation 🙂

    • ya i know that it is short but that is a year old post and that was a beginning post and hope to continue with better in dept posts that have a longer meaning and argument ^_^

  14. Very good post

  15. It sure is nice to see fans of anime, especially since it is looked down upon by “society”. I guess many people don’t realize that anime is just as good as a hobby as many others as well as certain anime having a very strong fan base. For me I watch anime that TV shows or movies cannot reproduce purely because it can’t be done in real life.

  16. awsome post, that was really interesting. i really hope to hear more from this site. your doing a great job and i really enjoy reading these articles! keep up the good work. Anime is awsome!!

  17. Me + Anime = Many, many sqeals

  18. Great post. It gives a lot of reasoning and shows that anime isn’t just for entertainment, but also shows morals in life.

  19. Simply genius. the “A” in anime is simply “Altogether”. Its quite an interesting view on it and I much appreciate you’re take on it. I’d like to hear some more sometime from you. So keep it up ^^

  20. I completely agree with you man…Anime is one of my passions i love it sooooo much its kinda scary lmao…keep up the good works man. Anime + Me= “A” Happy Man haha

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