Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a Dungeon?

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I remember one day not to long ago, around November of 2014, when I was walking in a Chapters. I saw a peculiar little manga. I didn’t pay much attention to it because I was still fanboying over Kamigami no Asobi, but earlier this year in January I started reading it. I just love mythology themed manga, anime and games. And my attention was grabbed more than enough by this peculiar series.

Danjon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darō ka (romanized) is an exciting little series both in manga and the recent and a ongoing anime 10ish episodes translated into english. I really hope they turn this into a 2 season thing. that would be very great!

Like most reviews I have seen on the anime. Most people thought it would turn into a harem or something along the lines of a sexual orientated anime just to appeal to the seinen public. I can confess, some of the anime and manga has caught my eye huehuehuehue, but I digress! haha! I find the romance quite cute for the young protagonist. He seems more focused on one girl and adventuring, with a bunch of flirting and jealous ones already around him. His cute white hair,  red eyes and his attractive ivory skinned flesh. No wonder why he has so many girls on his tail!

Now I love video games, and I just love video games based on fantasy more than anything. And this series makes me wanna jump into a role play or make a DnD campaign with my friend based in this universe. So I guess the gods of the world decided they were bored or something just hanging around in heaven or something along those lines. So they decided to head down to earth and make it interesting, not only for themselves, but for the mortals living on the earth. Sealing away their power and starting little “familia” with mortals, they began shaping an economy where men and women can dungeoneer their way to riches….if they survive. Stats for each adventure are managed and enhanced after each dungeon they partake in. And it looks like only their deity can unlock the stats and level the adventurer up. Some people have secret abilities that deities can’t tell you have them. Like there is a rule against helping the adventurer beyond certain limits. Like the protagonist with his growth ability, where his stats grow just as fast as his feelings toward another.

I don’t want to continue rambling on and on about the series and the things I love about it. But I rate this series 11/10 in my book, I am not done with it yet. When the day comes that I am done watching and reading the series I will be sad 😦               I recommend peoples gotta go and check out this seriesspring-2015-anime-line-up-in-review-347419


It Has Been A Long Time…

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Wow! I barely got back on this blog. I almost completely forgot about it. Haha! Well I have moved all over the place, some in the same town, others on the other side of the world haha! I now currently reside in Las Cruces New Mexico.


I will now try to focus more on this blog and give my one two punch to my opinion on the interwebs. I will try to focus both on my soon to be Russian audience and my English speaking audience. Maybe Swedish also, my three languages is English, Swedish and Russian. So I will decide on which I will start with first.4_dOFnedoW4

It has been so long there is a lot of stuff to be learned. there are changes since last I posted on WordPress. So don’t expect any awesome looking posts with fancy music and pictures. This is Haganemaru signing out ❤ peace


Ok back to the past…With Mutio ^_^

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Mutio from one of my favorite anime is the one character i love love love love T_T…

Probably no one has heard of Mutio from Blue Submarine no. 6 but for me I have cause that is my first anime before eureka seven and pokemon.

Mutio is one of the many bueatiful creations by the infamous Dr. Zorndyke, which in my opinion is not really infamous or evil. He was showing the world their evil and sin so he flooded the world over and created paradise for his children( bueatiful powerful and sometimes ugly creatures) but he is a genius.

His number one son is mutio’s love. His name is Verg he is the abusive land shark that beats her and her sisters for mistakes. Later on though I found out he is just a child and crys a lot.

But mutio loves him anyway ^_^ awwww

Anyway her kind heart has even extended to her most hated enemies @_@ humans.

After being saved by a human she did exactly what i wanted her to do with those bueatiful teeth ^_^

Yep she bit the main character. But either way later on she saved him from drowning later on #_# ironic cause he saves her on land and she saves him under water ^_^ love it

Together this is going to be a new series i am working on Called back to the past with my favorite characters so stay tuned for updates ^_^

How Anime is part of Japans culture…

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These following pictures show how much anime is part of japans culture today…

oh yeah ultra man >_>look even a real time play of the samurai 7 anime <_<

Go!!!!!! Japan!!!!!!!!

The Big E in ANIME…

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the picture explains all.

The big E in ANIME is efficacious.

If you don’t know what that word means well…

I means successful in making a desired result out of an inanimate or abstract subject or object.

You maybe wondering why does that picture describe anime in anyway possible. Well it is because to the additional genre’s of romance, ecchi, harem, yuri, shokushu, and many others VIOLENCE rules above them all.

Anime in a sense is not complete without a monster demon(enemy) thing getting cleaved in half.for example i have started watching the anime dance in the vampire bund. blood blood and love all in the same anime. Blood + is  another example of an anime i love.With all the blood there is still love in this killing machine.

So as an efficacious description of ANIME that means anime gives the desired result of our minds to our own pleasure. ^_^ BLAAMM!!!

The Big M in ANIME…

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The Big M in ANIME…

Ok everyone can see anime is awesome. Well not everyone but that is not the point. This weekend it was crazy i guess i started playing Luna online almost a month ago but never thought you can marry in the game…


i think i should have read what the tutorial told me ^_^

but the M in ANIME shows this.

My otaku friends of the century has shown that they have indeed “married” an otaku just to continue the awesomeness throughout the rest of the generations.

Marriage is the big M. In some animes characters in harems and ecchis don’t really marry but in others they do. Marriage in anime is both in the romance of the real world and the anime world of japan. The greatest thing is for me marrying an otaku so i won’t feel strange and wierd being the only one in my household other than friends to like anime.

Then there is the crazy people who wish they could break the rules of reality and marry a character from their favorite anime. I love those people but unless you are an anime character chances of you marrying the love of your life is so slime cause people from the real world will write your life so you have to continue running after her or him forever until finally they run out of ideas.

the physics of anime is so cruel…

anyway marriage in anime is both a powerful thing and a corrupting idea…

Just wait for the finally the Big E in ANIME

The Big I in ANIME…

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ok in anime we all see everything by ourselves unless you have of course a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, and or just a friend to watch it with. Other than that you independently watch anime either by internet or buying the episodes at your local anime/manga/media center at your hometown.

So the Big I in ANIME is all about you and only you.

Well so you watch anime your friends like and read the counterpart manga to those anime. But most your super favorite character or anime is all about you and you alone.

For me i like anime with the whole god or goddess(not ah my goddess) think going on. Spice and wolf, ergo proxy, and black god are the recent ones i am working on but the great I in anime is I, Myself, and that person who always looks at me in the shower mirror and that person will not go no matter how hard do i yell at him or her( depending on what gender you are) ^_^